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Production manager Malin Sahlsten at YTAB at the spray box where they measure manual work.

- We have completely changed the flow of work outside the boxes for the preparation, says Malin.


About YTAB:

Specialists in surface treatment with a strong focus on plastic and composite.

Varnishing plants in Sweden and Hungary.

Total number of employees: about 120.

YTAB has many small, medium and large customers in many industries, including the automotive industry, consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, medical technology and interior design

YTAB started with measurements on the paint line and then came the idea of measuring on manual work.

Why did you want to measure on the paint boxes?

We wanted better information on the flow in the boxes. We needed to know effective time for preparation / painting / drying times in the box to be able to control flow and resources and ultimately increase capacity without working faster, only smarter.

What new information did the measurements provide with the MUR-Box?

It provided important information about potential capacity, what improvement measures we needed to work on.

What measures were taken after seeing the measurement results after the first measurement period?

We have completely changed the flow of work outside the boxes for the preparation. This work was visualized and we increased efficiency by over 20% compared to before.

How do the staff take part of the measurements and what response they give via the MUR-System.

The staff looks at the MUR Info screen, in real time, the number of minutes the box has been stationary. We also show daily measurements and monthly measurements. This has increased the commitment among all staff who work inside and outside the boxes.

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