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Production technician Johan Thunberg at a machine equipped with MUR-Box.
The MUR-Box has given the operators a valued tool in the improvement process.


About Nefab:

The company was founded in the 1920s and has since been on a successful journey.

Nefab manufactures packaging, inner packaging, product protection and associated products.

In the early 1980s, Nefab began to expand its views and look at markets outside Sweden. Globalization through presence in some 60 countries.

In Sweden, Nefab is located in Runemo, Skultuna, Jönköping and Kista with 167 employees and a turnover of 375 MSEK

Many people wonder how the MUR System has been received at the companies and how the measurements have changed the way of working and productivity. How has it developed at Nefab?

It has developed tremendously during the time we have MUR connected to our machines. We now have a very good tool for our improvement work on the machines. By giving the operators access to the MUR-Info screen, productivity is also increased as everyone is concerned about the machine performing as well as possible. And as a bonus, we also get down all the stop causes on everything around work. Which then gives us the opportunity to change the logistics around the machine.

How is the MUR system used in your production reviews?

We review the statistics at fourteen day intervals. As well as feedback to staff at least once a month, for review of statistics and problem solving.

How do you follow up on the causes of stopping?

We sit down with the operators at least once a month to review the causes of the stop and look for any improvements. The time between gives us time to implement changes and get them into the operators' routines. The advantage of MUR is that you see a direct change in the statistics of how the machine has gone since the change came into operation

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