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Jørgen Brandt, Production Manager, MSSP A/S


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Why did you buy an OEE system?

We had major challenges with productivity and although some of the issues were obvious, we lacked a data base for a proper analysis. We installed the system in stages, thus first on the most critical production cells.

With MUR, we got a "Plug and Play" system that was easy to expand continuously when we were ready for it.

We have now installed the system on 16 production cells and machines at the factory in Silkeborg.

How do you use MUR?

We use MUR actively in our work with continuous improvements. MUR shows in real time what is happening and we have infoscreens at each team board, where we discussed the stops that had been the last 24 hours at the board meetings. This gave an immediate boost, solely due to the increased focus and visibility.

We also use data from the MUR system in our ongoing reporting and at weekly follow-up meetings.

What benefits have you seen knowing your OEE-data?

MUR has made it possible to focus efforts on productivity improvements. Since MUR was launched, we have increased productivity by 30% and at the same time reduced staff by 16%.

We have not yet worked with MUR in an actual OEE context, but only focused on uptime. We have also focused on strengthen quality assurance and the methods and systems that are now in place for that part must in a future phase be integrated with MUR so that we get valid OEE data to work with.

What is your experience of MUR?

First and foremost, MUR is easy to work with and easy to expand. This has meant that we quickly got started on the first cells and over a period of time got all the relevant machines involved.

Together with our local electrician, we have been able to handle all the details about the system and the ongoing expansion. MUR is an open system where we can adjust parameters like "Stop codes" when needed.

This has undoubtedly made the start-up quick and not least very cost effective. I am aware of similar systems where it costs expensive consulting hours every time you have to correct a "comma".

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