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Martin Kristensen,
Maintenance Manager at Baettr Lem A/S


About Baettr:

Baettr is a company delivering component solutions for wind industry. Baettr has different processes from casting, machining, painting and assembly.

Baettr is a global company with 5 facilities world wide.

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Why did you buy MUR?

We were in a situation where we wanted data on the availability of the machines. First we did it in Excel with manual entries - with the inconveniences and uncertainties it entailed. But it gave us the first experiences.

Later, we decided that we wanted more valid data and save time entering data into Excel. That's why we bought MUR. Today, we have MUR OEE running on approximately 30 machines in factories in Denmark and China.

How do you use MUR and OEE?

We look daily at the Infoscreens with OEE data. They are used both in production and in maintenance.

We also look at more detailed data, but the Infoscreens with real-time data have the greatest value for us.

What benefits have you seen knowing your OEE-data?

Implementation of MUR means that today we do not talk about opinions and "I think". Instead, we work from the facts on the machines.

One of the biggest gains for us has been that we have focused on the lost capacity. Yes, it is usually not part of the OEE, but we have chosen to make our stops caused by "stop due to unplanned production” visible.

What is your experience of MUR?

The good thing is especially that we can make and ajust our own Infoscreens. It takes some time to customize the screens, but it gives us a great deal of real time knowledge about our production.

In addition, Adductor is good at continuously making improvements and adjustments.

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