Erforderlich für den Erfolg von Leistungsverbesserungen.
Wöchentliche Protokolle und Visualisierung in Echtzeit automatisch.

See how others have done

Evaluate in a simple way

With a well-designed start-up kit, the MUR bag, you are up and running in a few hours

Here's how to get started

OEE with MUR gives an extra dimension

To improve the OEE number, you need to know why the machine did not perform.

  • Did the production start in time?
  • Correct setup time?
  • What major stops were there?
  • Many small stops?

Questions that MUR answers

In person demo

If you are interested in starting to use the MUR system, we offer viewing via the internet and telephone contact.

For 30 minutes we show you how you can measure, visualize (in real time) and increase productivity.

Then you get a complete MUR Program with demo machines that automatically generate stop causes.

Everyone at the company can now evaluate the MUR system in peace and quiet.

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