Once you have installed the MUR System
, the MUR System takes care of all data, directly.
All stops are detected immediately automatically

With MUR Info Screen you get an automatic and direct presentation of the production.

Initiate MUR info screen once and the production is presented continuously.

Visualization contributes to the increase in production

Everyone immediately sees that an action gives results.
The visualization takes place with MUR-Info screen, in real time.
You decide how the show will take place. If you get an idea for a new layout on the MUR Info Screen, you do not need to hire a greater expert than yourself.

The visualization immediately confirms the improvement work.

The MUR system is a knowledge transmitter when you see results and can use the working method that gives the best results.

Börja försiktigt med antalet stopporsaker.

Välj 2-4 stopporsaker men driv varje stopporsak som ett projekt.

Redovisa och diskutera.

När detta första steget är klart börjar det verkliga förbättringsarbetet för att nå de högre målen.

If you want a quick review of certain sections, such as the MUR Info Screen, we will do it immediately.
Telephone contact, you log in to our course computer and we provide a thorough review.

We can also help you on your computer via Team Viewer.
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