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We offer feasibility studies with installation proposals, commissioning of the MUR program, commissioning of MUR-Box on a machine and a course in operation.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to get staff together to start a project.

Therefore, we offer a complete start-up package that gets the MUR-System up and running on your company without anyone having to "own" the project, at first.
The MUR-System is self-propelled for a start-up period but then The MUR system is a tool that you must use.

  • Helps your IT install the MUR System
  • Supporters are electricians in the installation towards the machine
  • Make all settings so you have a fully installed MUR-System
  • Make MUR-Info screen adapted to your production and what you want to show
  • Ger is a course in the MUR System.

Now you are up and running with all measurements and all stops are registered automatically.
After this you have full support from us.

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