The most important thing is that you start measuring the machines' different status times such as driving time, setting time, lack of material, undefined time (many small stops, etc.). This is where the greatest opportunities lie.

Let the MUR-System compare with actual driving time with the estimated driving time and mark the orders in red as e.g. was longer than 10% of the estimated time.
By looking at the stop causes of the order, you can immediately see why it did not last

A web demo gives you easy insight into how the MUR system can improve your OEE numbers


An easy start to the measurements

You install a MUR-Box that automatically registers all stops. The MUR-Box receives the stop cause from the operator or directly from the machine.
Only a single closing contact is needed from the machine.

A web demo gives you easy insight into how the MUR-System captures stop causes and how to get started with our starter kit in a simple and fast way.


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