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Production Manager Ulf Hjortenbrink at one of the MUR-stations at HAKI in Sibbhult.

The MUR box has helped the company expand and increase its productivity over the past seven years.


About HAKI:

The company started in the 1950s, the name HAKI was taken in 1968.

HAKI manufactures scaffolding, weather protection and lifting systems, sold worldwide.

Production takes place in Sibbhult and Broby. HAKI AB in Sibbhult had a turnover of approximately 420 MSEK 2016.

We visited one of our customers, HAKI in Sibbhult and had a chat with Ulf Hjortenbrink, production manager:

Did you use production measurement before acquiring the MUR system?

– Seven years ago, we invested heavily and modernized production, and in connection with that we acquired the MUR system. Before that, we really did not know how much time and money went missing when the machines stood still. We could see in our business system how much we produced but not how much the machines stood still and why they did.

Has production been improved since the measurements started and, if so, how?

– Absolutely, with the measurement, there has been a whole new focus on these issues, we will have a discussion in the workshop about what can be improved. We have increased productivity as we've got clarity on the stop causes in the reports, we can work more actively with improvement measures now compared to before.

What has been the biggest benefits with the MUR system?

– Firstly, we look at the reasons for the stop and how they are distributed in order of magnitude and that we can then begin to fix to reduce the shutdown times. But there are also benefits to the staff, they get a easier everyday if the machines go more. We also have a factory in Broby, and from my office here in Sibbhult, I can see in real time how the machines go because the system is connected to a server.

How do you look at production measurement now compared to before you obtained MUR?

– Measurement has become a natural part of the business. It has influenced our way of working quite a bit, every day we are now going to a "machine round" where we review how each machine has gone the last day and by using our collected statistics from the MUR system we can compare backwards in time.

Have there been any difficulties implementing the system?

– In the beginning, we had to put some energy on showing staff that we did not measure them as staff, it's the machines we want to measure. We came over that quite quickly and everyone now sees only benefits in this. The system is easy to get started with and we feel it is valuable with a small and fast supplier like Adductor who is able to help us quickly. We have also been helped by Adductor to develop solutions just for us, such as a new web report. It would probably have been difficult to do that development with a huge IT company as a supplier. In a way, we can say that we as a customer have been involved in and developing the system and we consider it a great advantage.

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